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9 Yoga Poses Every Runner Should Know

Currently, I am teaching yoga and being a running counselor at Green Mountain Running Camp in Vermont. As a runner and yoga teacher, I often think about if I only had a few yoga poses to practice everyday, what they would be.

These nine poses are great for runners– improving both strength and flexibility. Running and yoga have many similarities— the emphasis of breath pattern, listening to one’s body, and exploring one’s physical and mental strength. With these nine poses, hold them from anywhere between 5-10 breaths. They can be practiced before or after a run!GMRC WordPress4

GMRC WordPress4 (dragged)Finally, some yoga tips for runners new to yoga that I shared with my campers:

  1. Have patience. Yoga is slower than running and cannot be measured in minutes. Like running, yoga can take time to “feel good”– have patience with yourself, especially if you find it frustrating at the beginning.
  2. If you are new to yoga, try to find a beginner’s class at your local studio.
  3. If you have any injuries, don’t hesitate to tell the yoga teacher before class.
  4. Like running, yoga can be done anywhere! You don’t have to go to a yoga class to practice. Start with these 9 poses before or after you run!