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ROO #23: Sara Courter on Holistic Healing, Nutrition, and Writing

Sara Courter is a holistic healer, writer, and yoga teacher. Sara has certifications in wellness counseling, Ayurvedic therapy, and is currently studying to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She holds a  BA in English and has a popular wellness blog, Body Karma. Sara has been published in numerous wellness hubs, including MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, Yoga Modern, Odyssey Magazine, and featured monthly in Happiness + Wellness Mag.

In this episode we discuss what drew Sara to become a healer and a yoga teacher. Sara explains her recent blog post on Body Karma, which offers her perspective on Lent. Sara shares on the role of nutrition in her life, from overcoming an eating disorder to being passionate about plant-based recipe creation. Lastly, Sara reveals the peoples that inspire her, from Gandhi to her mother, and what is ahead for 2014.

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