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ROO Video: Functional Core for Runners

Functional Core for Runners features 10 core moves in 10 minutes

I focus on the whole posterior chain, including hamstrings, glutes, and back, which are often overlooked and essential for runner’s speed, endurance, and injury-prevention.

I filmed this video because numerous friends and teammates asked me to make an online resource for them when I am not there to teach them core in-person. I created some of my own core variations and also used moves from the Core H Video— many thanks to Coaches Jay Johnson and Mike Smith’s for their permission.

I am excited to begin my journey on YouTube and look forward to creating more videos for runners and yogis. Let me know if you have any requests or feedback on this video— feel free to comment on the YouTube video or on this post directly.


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  1. Great video, Julia! I’d love to see one like this on hip strengthening for knee pain – such a common problem for beginning runners

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