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Excited to Represent Nuttzo as an Athlete Ambassador

I just returned from three weeks of working at Green Mountain Running Camp for high school students. One night at camp, we were discussing our favorite food and hands down, I exclaimed “nut butter, Nuttzo to be exact– I can eat it straight out of the jar!”

Since discovering Nuttzo through Lindsay Cotter, gluten-free goddess and ROO podcast interviewee #48, it has become a daily part of my diet.

As a plant-based, celiac, nut butter is an amazing source of protein and fat for me.

Nuttzo is unique in that it does not focus on only one nut, but instead it is filled with seven nuts and seeds. It is the only seven nut and seed butter on the planet — pretty cool!

It was created and founded by the extraordinary Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi, in an effort to create nutritious foods for her two sons who were adopted from the Ukraine and were vitamin deficient. Danielle and her husband Kevin founded Project Left Behind, which supports orphaned and neglected children around the world. According to the Project’s website, “Nuttzo is the primary financial supporter of Project Left Behind and has donated more than $25,000 from the sale of its products over the last 5 Years.”

I am honored to represent Nuttzo as an athlete ambassador who is nourished daily by Nuttzo and fueled by its mission of giving back with Project Left Behind.

As you can see in my pictures, my shirt says #LLYMI, meaning LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Thanks to Nuttzo for sponsoring me in my journey to live my life like I mean it!

ROO Recipes with Nuttzo:

For more info on the story of Nuttzo, watch this video.

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