Yaya Girls Fundraiser: Empower Through Running and Education

I am excited to launch my fundraising campaign, Yaya Girls: Empower Through Running and Education! You can donate from NOW until September 24th, 2014.

For more info, read below and donate on Start Some Good.

My YouTube video is 2 minutes long and explains what my campaign is all about!

As some of you know, from mid October 2014 to mid February 2015, I plan to work and live with the Yaya Girls in Sululta, Ethiopia. On a daily basis, I will be teaching English, gender empowerment, yoga and mindfulness practices, health and nutrition, and leading easy runs.

The Yaya Girls Program works to empower Ethiopian girls and create a new class of female role models through running and education. In order for young Ethiopian women to attend the Yaya Girls Program and to support my work there, I need your help by donating to my campaign.

For a 3.5 month stay, the Yaya Girls Program hosts four to eight young women who participate in a 5 pillar learning curriculum that addresses a number of the root factors that keep many young Ethiopian women trapped in a long-standing cycle of poverty. The five pillars are athletics, English language, vocational skills, empowerment and life-skills, and health and nutrition.

Running in Ethiopia is more than just a way to stay in shape; it a part of their culture. It is a source of national pride and inspiration. The Yaya Girls not only get to take their running to the next level, but also learn how to become female role models that will promote gender equality throughout Ethiopia and increase the agency of hundreds of girls across the country. It is our hope that every girl that graduates from the Yaya Program will positively affect twenty-five other women!

My goal is to raise $5000. $5,000 means that we can fund 4 girls for a trimester and also pay for food, supplies, and equipment. Whether you donate $5 or $100, your contribution makes a difference in creating a new class of Ethiopian female role models.

On the fundraising page, you will see that I have numerous rewards for donating. These include a benefit yoga class on Saturday September 20th from 1:30-3pm at Majestic Yoga Studio in Cambridge for those who donate $25 or more. For more info, check out the flyer!

Feel free to get in touch with me via email if you have any questions at