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Running On Om’s Manifesto

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of getting to know ROO Podcast Interviewees, Greg Faxon of Living Deliberately and Izzy Darby of Veganizzm, who are both passionate, entrepreneurial, young adult bloggers. We have challenged each other, collaborated, and acted as sounding boards for one another in our journeys to develop the mission that grounds our work.

A few months ago, Greg proposed that we all write “manifestos” to clarify the purpose of our blogs. It was an incredible exercise in reflecting on what I live by and want those in the Running On Om Community to embody through my podcast, posts, and photographs.

If you want to seek clarity on the purpose of your actions, whether it be on your perspective on social conduct, work, or general life wisdom, try writing a manifesto. There is no wrong way to do it. Take a look at Greg’s manifesto or Izzy’s commandments— they are vastly different from mine, and encompass both of their visions and unique perspectives.

Although I wrote the words to my manifesto, the statement really came to life when Singha Hon, my good friend and talented artist, illustrated it. Singha also created the Running On Om header logo and as my former college roommate, really gets what Running On Om is all about. Please check out her work on— she is a remarkable source of artistic inspiration.

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