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Yaya Journal 1: Learn, Love, Live

It has been an incredible first few days in Sululta, Ethiopia at the Yaya Village. The new class of Yaya Girls will arrive in two weeks and until then, we are preparing for their arrival. I love things in threes. My birthday is on a third. My brother’s birthday is on a third. Om has three syllables within it (A-U-M). The father, the son and the holy ghost — basically, many powerful things come in threes…  As I take stock of my first few days in Ethiopia, I am inspired to reflect on the three Ls: learning, loving, and living. Learn the …

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I am headed to Ethiopia today and overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of family, friends, and strangers as I have prepared for my trip. My fundraising campaign for the Yaya Girls Running Program in Sululta, Ethiopia was a huge success! I surpassed my goal and raised over $8,000, which will not only fund four young Ethiopian women for the upcoming trimester, but also contribute to future Yaya Girls scholarships. Numerous companies have donated incredible gear and goodies for the Yaya Girls. Oiselle, which I run for, has contributed beautiful shirts with inspiring running designs on the front! Health Warrior has …

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Food/Nutrition Journal

Excited to Represent Nuttzo as an Athlete Ambassador

I just returned from three weeks of working at Green Mountain Running Camp for high school students. One night at camp, we were discussing our favorite food and hands down, I exclaimed “nut butter, Nuttzo to be exact– I can eat it straight out of the jar!” Since discovering Nuttzo through Lindsay Cotter, gluten-free goddess and ROO podcast interviewee #48, it has become a daily part of my diet. As a plant-based, celiac, nut butter is an amazing source of protein and fat for me. Nuttzo is unique in that it does not focus on only one nut, but instead …

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Journal Running

Joining the Oiselle Team

I am beyond excited to be joining the Oiselle Team! Since discovering Oiselle in 2012, I have been in love with their company. I can still remember my first Oiselle purchase, a Big Love Raglan Tee that has “LOVE” on the front, with a runner in the “O.” Not only do they make beautiful clothing, but they also embody LOVE– love of running, sisterhood, community, and innovation. I feel honored to join their team and can not wait to race in my Oiselle singlet soon! Check out my Oiselle Athlete page. While working in Boulder in July, I had the opportunity …

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Journal Yoga

9 Yoga Poses Every Runner Should Know

Currently, I am teaching yoga and being a running counselor at Green Mountain Running Camp in Vermont. As a runner and yoga teacher, I often think about if I only had a few yoga poses to practice everyday, what they would be. These nine poses are great for runners– improving both strength and flexibility. Running and yoga have many similarities— the emphasis of breath pattern, listening to one’s body, and exploring one’s physical and mental strength. With these nine poses, hold them from anywhere between 5-10 breaths. They can be practiced before or after a run! Finally, some yoga tips …

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