166: Emory Hall on the Spiritual Path of Traveling Around the World

“That’s the beauty of photography. It makes us reflect and it makes us remember where we have come from and what the purpose of our journey is. It puts us in a space of gratitude for what people have taught us and all those little seeds that strangers on the street have planted in our hearts to use later on.”


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In this episode, Emory Hall, photographer, filmmaker, and world traveler, explores the spiritual path of traveling around the world. She discusses her experience touring with her husband and musician Trevor Hall as his creative director. Emory reflects on the first time she traveled to Nepal, visiting the desert Gangetic plains to isolated villages in the high Himalayas. She shares lessons learned from keeping her camera on her neck in all her travels. Emory recounts the story of meeting her husband Trevor Hall for the first time in India and the healing and spiritual forces that brought them together. Lastly, Emory provides insight on the importance of celebrating the little moments from her time on the road.

Podcast is sponsored by Dooster Film. Dooster Film is a video and photo studio based in Boston and San Francisco, founded by Ryan Scura and Dylan Ladds. Dooster creates documentary style short films, that feature the outdoors & fitness adventures, they develop brand identity videos for local companies, and create portraits of people/places. To learn more about Dooster Film, visit http://www.dooster.tv

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