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ROO #132: John Malkovich on Understanding Fame, Talent, and Failure

“Once fame became something very different, I think you’d have to be blind not to look back on it and say, was this worth while or was this what I should have done?” * In this episode, John Malkovich, acclaimed actor, director, producer, and fashion designer, discusses his perspective on talent, fame, and failure. John reflects on his Midwestern upbringing and lessons learned from the death of numerous family members. John recounts his beginnings as an actor from the Steppenwolf Theatre Company to his breakthrough into film. He offers insight on how the world has changed during his time as an actor and the experience of questioning one’s life path. John considers the phenomenon of fame and how it has impacted his life. He shares on his passion for fashion design and the importance of failure in creative and life endeavors. Lastly, John explores how talent is a responsibility and previews exciting projects and films on his calendar.

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ROO #105: Satsuki Shibuya on Fusing the Spiritual and the Artistic in Everyday Life

In this episode, Satsuki Shibuya, painter, artist and spiritual thinker, tells the story of how she explored art as a young girl and planted the seeds for her career now. She discusses the distinction between religion and spirituality in her life. Satsuki recounts her journey with illness and how she healed herself through finding her spiritual path. She explains the inspiration behind her work with watercolor and her life as professional painter now. Satsuki reveals how she transmits her inspirational quotes. She explores the idea of practicing presence in a world filled with multitaskers. Lastly, Satsuki shares what she is excited about for 2015.

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ROO #46: Lynsey Dyer on Professional Skiing and Female Empowerment

In this episode Lynsey Dyer, professional skier, She-Jumps co-founder, filmmaker, and visual artist, shares her athletic background from her relationship with skiing in her youth to how she began competing professionally. Lindsay discusses the experiences of fear, confidence, and fluidity when freestyle skiing. She explains the birth of the Girafficorn, the half giraffe, half unicorn mascot of She Jumps, an organization Lynsey founded that promotes the participation of girls in the outdoors through mentorship. Lastly, Lynsey reveals insight and information on Pretty Faces, her upcoming film that will be the first all female ski documentary.

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