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ROO #156: Karen Fabian on The Reality of Being a Yoga Teacher

In this episode, Karen Fabian, yoga teacher, writer, and creator of Bare Bones Yoga, explores the reality of being a yoga teacher. Karen describes her style of teaching and how she knew she wanted to teach yoga. She discusses the impact of social media on the evolution of yoga in the United States. Karen shares the story of following her dream of starting her own company, Bare Bones Yoga, and the financial challenges she faced along the way.

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ROO #152 Nicole Antoinette on How to Cultivate Real Talk

In this episode, Nicole Antoinette, writer, podcast host, and self-proclaimed recovering self-help addict, discusses how to cultivate real talk in your life. Nicole explains her creative sabbatical from her business as a weekly blogger and accountability coach. She tells the story of her relationship with alcohol and running, from how she stopped drinking to the role running has played in her sobriety.

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