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ROO #107: Erin Taylor on Teaching Yoga to Athletes

In this episode, Erin Taylor, yoga teacher and global head coach of Jasyoga, tells the story of how a basketball injury brought her to yoga. She recounts the experience of teaching yoga to her college teammates and how this naturally put her in the role of yoga teacher. Erin explains the structure of Jasyoga, her revolutionary approach to teaching yoga to athletes. She discusses yoga for runners, including three essential yoga poses that runners should incorporate on a daily basis. Erin provides insights she has learned from her recent move from Seattle to England. She shares how she balances running with her yoga practice. Lastly, Erin reveals whats ahead for in 2015, including exciting developments for Jasyoga.

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ROO #29: John Lewis on Being a Bad Ass Vegan

John Lewis, creator of Bad Ass Vegan, fitness trainer, and health enthusiast explores his relationship with veganism from how he discovered veganism to a recent vegan cruise he traveled on. John discusses the development of Bad Ass Vegan, with his creation of the Bad Ass Power Cookie. John reveals some of his biggest personal challenges and the wisdom he has gleamed through them. Lastly, John shares his inspirations and the power of his community.

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