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ROO #157: Greg Faxon on How to Unlock Your Core Brilliance

In this episode, Greg Faxon, business coach and writer, explores how to unlock your core brilliance. Greg discusses the mental shift he has experienced from leaving the city to live in rural West Virginia on The Riverside Project, a 60-acre farm property that he and his partner, Emma Huvos, have cofounded. He reflects on life lessons learned from stepping back from elite Spartan racing due to injury.

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Lessons Learned from Coaching TRACK

I had the joy of coaching outdoor track at my former high school this past year. It was a huge growing experience for me as a coach, runner, and person. The head coach, Jon Waldron (JWal), put me in charge of the distance running program, which included 18 boys and 5 girls. They competed in various events, ranging from 400 meters to 3ks. I led distance practice everyday, taught yoga and strength training, and tried to provide guidance on the highs and lows of high school life. Here are a few of the lessons I learned from the experience in …

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ROO #126: Elinor Fish on Running as a Mindfulness Practice

“As soon as I started to use running as a means to support healing, by making it a mindful practice, then I was able to restore my health. And once I had my health back, then I was able to start to build my fitness back up again.” * In this episode, Elinor Fish, running coach, writer, runner, speaker, and mother, tells the story of how she discovered the freedom of trail running after many years as a competitive high school and collegiate runner. Elinor explains how her mindful running revolution was born out of a difficult recovery after racing the Leadville 100-miler. She discusses how to use running as a mindfulness practice and the impact this has had on the athletes she coaches. Elinor reflects on the female mentors she has in the trail community. Lastly, Elinor reveals exciting running retreats and projects for 2015.

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