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ROO #81: Dr. Richard Hansen on Running as an Athlete, Coach, and Chiropractor

In this episode, Dr. Hansen, chiropractic doctor, high school cross country coach, and runner,
explains why he started running in 6th grade. He reflects on his experiences competing in high school and in college at UC San Diego. Dr. Hansen recounts two memorable races of his collegiate running career. He shares how he knew he wanted to go to school for orthopedic medicine. Dr. Hansen discusses his journey opening High Altitude Spine and Sport Clinic in Boulder. He offers three things every runner can do to prevent injury. Dr. Hansen previews his upcoming race calendar. He provides insight on the psychology of high school coaching. Lastly, Dr. Hansen reveals one person he would want to have coffee with.

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ROO #22: Ryan DeBell on CrossFit and The Movement Fix

In this episode, Ryan DeBell, CrossFit athlete, chiropractic doctor, director of Pacific Sports and Spine, and founder of the Movement Fix, discusses his athletics background and how he was first introduced to CrossFit. Ryan shares his thoughts on CrossFit, from the difference between training and competing to what injuries are most common among CrossFit athletes. Ryan discusses he Paleo diet and his relationship with it. Lastly, Ryan reveals whats ahead for 2014 and advice for those interested in trying CrossFit.

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