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ROO #85: Ashton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton on the Journey of Training Together

In the episode, Ashton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton, powerhouse track and field athlete duo, describe each other in three words. They explain how they cultivate a competitive, yet supportive mindset in their training together. Ashton and Brianne recount the story of they met. They discuss the logistics of training together on a daily basis. Ashton and Brianne reveal their favorite and most challenging events in their multi-sports. They reflect on the proudest moment they have experienced when watching each other compete. Ashton and Brianne recap Ashton’s world record decathlon, including the nerves they both experienced with his 1500 meter event. They provide a glimpse into how they unplug in their offseason. Ashton and Brianne preview their upcoming calendar as they prepare for the 2016 Olympics. Lastly, they offer wise advice on staying injury-free.

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