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ROO #213: Lauren Fleshman and Dr. Melody Moore on Changing Eating Disorder Culture in Running

In this episode, Lauren Fleshman and Dr. Melody Moore explore how to change the culture of body image and eating disorders in running. Lauren and Melody discuss the complexities of these issues and recommend some tools and strategies for athletes, teams, coaches, and others invested in the health and performance of athletes.

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ROO #98: Melody Fairchild on Running as a Life Process

In the episode, Melody Fairchild, professional runner, coach, and motivational speaker, tells the story of how she started running as a young girl in the canyon where she lived. She reflects on the motivating factors that fueled her successful high school career. Melody discusses how pressure affected her running performance, calling upon the memory of her final race of her collegiate career. She shares how the pain in her body introduced her to the holistic work of cortical field re-education. Melody offers techniques for those struggling with a compulsive relationship with running. She tells anecdotes of her recent experiences running in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. Lastly, Melody reveals her goals for 2015, including races on her calendar and explorations in writing.

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ROO #60: Diane Israel on Letting Go of the Standard of Physical Perfection

In this episode, Diane Israel, psychotherapist, world-class runner and triathlete, filmmaker, and teacher, recounts her background in running from being one of the only high school girls in road races to qualifying for the Olympic Trials. She offers advice for those intimidated by running on how to find oneself as a runner. Diane explains why she transitioned from running to competitive triathlon. She discusses her personal journey with eating issues and why endurance athletes are obsessed with body image. Diane shares how she knew she wanted to be a psychotherapist. She provides her perspective on four key components for healing from eating issues. Lastly, Diane explains how she has been a conduit for her mother’s teachings.

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ROO #44: Amber Sayer on Running and Overcoming Anorexia

In this episode Amber Sayer, exercise physiologist, personal fitness trainer, competitive distance runner, and certified lifestyle & weight management coach, shares her background in running from how she found running in middle school to her success in high school, on national and international levels. Amber discusses her battle with anorexia, which she wrote about in her memoir entitled PR:A Personal Record of Running from Anorexia. She offers her thoughts on the connection between eating disorders and distance running and what helped her heal. Amber reveals her relationship with running now, upcoming changes in her life, and her inspirations.

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