Running Tuesday Truths

Tuesday Truth: Ethiopian Proverb

“Where a woman rules, streams run uphill.” – Ethiopian Proverb {Photo from the Yaya Girls Race Warmup on Website} This week’s Tuesday Truth was inspired by my upcoming travels to Ethiopia, where I will be working with the Yaya Girls Running Program for four months. I have 8 days left to raise $5000 which will fund four girls for a trimester and also pay for food, supplies, and equipment. Whether you donate $5 or $100, your contribution makes a difference in creating a new class of Ethiopian female role models. Please check out my donation page to learn more.

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Endurance Podcasts Podcasts

ROO #46: Lynsey Dyer on Professional Skiing and Female Empowerment

In this episode Lynsey Dyer, professional skier, She-Jumps co-founder, filmmaker, and visual artist, shares her athletic background from her relationship with skiing in her youth to how she began competing professionally. Lindsay discusses the experiences of fear, confidence, and fluidity when freestyle skiing. She explains the birth of the Girafficorn, the half giraffe, half unicorn mascot of She Jumps, an organization Lynsey founded that promotes the participation of girls in the outdoors through mentorship. Lastly, Lynsey reveals insight and information on Pretty Faces, her upcoming film that will be the first all female ski documentary.

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