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ROO #147: Steve Almond on the Power of Radical Empathy

In this episode, Steve Almond, author and cohost of the Dear Sugar Radio, explores the power of radical empathy in his relationship to his three young children. Steve discusses balancing fatherhood with his writing. He recounts his journey as a writer from working as a newspaper reporter after college to the inspiration behind Candyfreak, his New York Times bestselling book.

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ROO #119: Ford Palmer on Breaking 4-Minutes in the Mile on a Vegan Diet

“Wow, this guy just went from 4:25 to 4:08 in one year and its because of his diet. And they all changed their diets. And I’ll tell you what, most of them did a lot better.” – Ford Palmer *This podcast is part of the #ROORises Series: please share the podcast by tweeting @gofordpalmer & @runningonom and let us know what you think about the episode!* In this episode, Ford Palmer, professional runner, vegan, and sub 4-minute miler, shares the story of how a series of concussions from high school football lead him to devote himself to track and gain a track scholarship at Monmouth University. He reflects on his junior year of college when he transitioned to a vegan diet and the positive impact it had on his performance and training. Ford reflects on the challenges of balancing a full-time job as a bartender with his training last year and the difference in his training now as a professional runner for New Jersey New York Track Club (NJNY). He recounts his first time breaking 4-minutes in the mile after numerous attempts and how he navigates pre-race pressure. Ford discusses how his vegan diet has impacted his NJNY teammates and what he eats on a daily basis. Lastly, Ford previews races on his calendar for 2015.

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ROO #113: Joe Holder on Maximizing Life via Health

In this episode, Joe Holder, health and wellness coach, creator of the Ocho System, and community manager for Health Warrior, discusses his background in athletics, from playing track, football, and basketball in his youth to focusing solely on football during his time at the University of Pennsylvania. Joe reflects on how the Ocho System’s wellness philosophy was born out of his experience healing two injuries during college. He offers advice on how to overcome mental barriers in changing one’s relationship to exercise. Joe explains his role as the Community Manager of Health Warrior and the importance of traveling in his work-life balance. He reveals how he unplugs from his busy schedule and provides insight on eating healthy on a budget. Lastly, he shares details on his own training and exciting developments for 2015.

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