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ROO #172: China Forbes on Music, Mental Illness, and Saying Yes

In this episode, China Forbes, singer for Pink Martini and songwriter, discusses music, mental Illness, and saying yes. She opens the podcast with an acoustic ukulele version of “The Northern Line,” the theme song for the movie “Infinitely Polar Bear,” a film about her childhood. China explains her musical background, from her love of Donna Summer in her youth to performing in Evita during her freshman year at Harvard.

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ROO #155: Craig Coffey and Gabriel Gomez on a Holistic Approach to Human Performance

In this episode, Craig Coffey and Gabriel Gomez, co-founders of O2X, explore a holistic approach to human performance. They discuss O2X’s base-to-peak mountain challenges and their recent experiences at Loon Mountain. Craig and Gabriel share about their athletic journeys from Craig’s background as a multi-sport athlete to Gabriel’s training as a Navy SEAL. They offer insight on overcoming fear in starting one’s own business from their experience of co-founding O2X.

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