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ROO #169: David Laney on Overcoming Mental Barriers

In this episode, David Laney, professional runner for Nike Trail Running and running coach at Trails and Tarmac, discusses how to overcome mental barriers in running and life. David reflects on his lifelong love for running that included a challenging high school career where his body wasn’t able to keep up with his passion for running. He reveals how the seed to run 100 miles was planted in him early on and why he transitioned to ultra trail running from a track and road background.

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ROO #110: Amy Sproston on Running Around the World

In this episode, Amy Sproston, ultra trail runner and world traveler, shares her background in running, from running with her father when she was in middle school to discovering trail running through Virginia Happy Trails Running Club as an adult. Amy reflects on the struggle and sense of accomplishment of ultra distance races, calling upon the memory of her first ultra-distance race. She discusses her recent win at HURT 100-mile race in Hawaii and her recovery process after the race. Amy reflects on her travels to Ethiopia, including her perspective on how Ethiopians use trail running as part of their training. She gives anecdotes from her experiences with running in Bolivia, Iraq, Japan, and Afghanistan. Amy provides insight on the growth of ultra running and notes important mentors to her in the trail community. Lastly, Amy previews upcoming races on her calendar for 2015.

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ROO #100: Ask the Yogi Runners 2 with Susie Stephen and Julia Hanlon

Ask the Yogi Runners is a new bi-monthly show on Running On Om hosted by Julia Hanlon and Susie Stephen In each episode we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received, as yoga teachers, runners and coaches – about the separate activities of yoga and running and also how to combine the two. In our second episode, we first recap Susie’s experience as a volunteer at the HURT 100 mile race on Oahu, Hawaii and her upcoming marathon plans. We then dive into questions about whether runners can pass the point of healthy flexibility and the role of heated yoga in runner’s training.

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