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ROO #153: Tyler Andrews The Path of Long Term Gratification in Running

In this episode, Tyler Andrews, professional runner for Hoka One One and co-director of Strive Trips, explores the path of long term gratification in running. Tyler explains how his unique mindset of improving relative to himself has allowed him to progress from an 18:28 5K runner in high school to an elite 2:16 marathon runner. Tyler offers his perspective on the relationship between creativity and running.

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Ask Lauren Fleshman Podcasts

ROO #149: Lauren Fleshman on The Superpower of Authenticity

In this episode, Lauren Fleshman, professional runner for Oiselle, writer, cofounder of Picky Bars, mother, and coach of Little Wing, discusses how to harness the superpower of authenticity. Lauren reflects on her relationship with writing, from the creative process to overcoming the fear of sharing poignant work. She explores how she navigates the principles of sport psychology with the reality of being a multi-dimensional human being.

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