ROO #116: Lottie Bildirici on Inspiring Others to Eat Plant-Based

In this episode, Lottie Bildirici, creator of Running On Veggies, health coach, plant-based chef, and runner, shares the story of how she began her journey into wellness and the process of developing her own food philosophy. She reflects on why she began her well-known Instagram account, @runningonveggies, and the impact it has had on her life. Lottie discusses her work as a recipe developer with Candle Cafe and her recent collaboration with professional runner Kara Goucher. She offers nutrition advice for runners. Lottie explains how her studies in advertising, marketing, and with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition inform her work as a blogger and health coach. Lastly, she provides insight on overcoming injury and previews races and dreams for 2015 and beyond.

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ROO #103: Jenné Claiborne on Embodying a Vegan Lifestyle

In this episode, Jenné Caliborne, vegan chef and creator of Sweet Potato Soul, reflects on her transition to a vegan diet from her journey from vegetarian to vegan and the importance of community in making the change. Jenné shares stories from cooking with her biggest inspiration, her grandmother. She discusses how her Southern roots impact Sweet Potato Soul, her blog. Jenné reveals when she knew she wanted to be a teacher of food/nutrition and the actual logistics of having a personal chef business. She recounts her experience as the Disney Princess Tiana in a live NYC show. Jenné provides insight on traveling as vegan, drawing upon her international travels. Lastly, Jenné previews whats ahead in 2015 for Sweet Potato Soul, including projects in vegan footwear.

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ROO #55: Marissa Vicario on Transforming Your Relationship to Health

In this episode, Marissa Vicario, health and nutrition coach, blogger, and creator of MWAH, Marissa’s Well-Being and Health, recounts her journey into health and how she reinvented her palate. She provides insight on how people can change their relationship to food. Marissa explains why she became a health coach and chose The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to study at. She offers a story of transformation of one of her clients and the three pillars of her coaching philosophy. Marissa reflects on her favorite ways to stay active and how she practices self-care on a daily basis. She explains what holistically hot means, a phrase she coined. She shares wise words from her inspiring grandmother and lastly, details on Marissa’s upcoming events and projects.

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