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20 ROO Tips for Traveling on a Plant-Based Diet

As I embark on visiting my grandparents who live in Dubrovnik, Croatia, I decided to ask my Running On Om interviewee community for their tips on traveling on a plant-based diet. Here are twenty tips from the pros! The tips are organized in order of podcast publication with links to the shows. 1. Susie Stephen, accomplished long-distance runner, yoga teacher, Running After Routledge explorer, and creator of Longrunergy Look for peel-able fruit and vegetables such as bananas, oranges, and the best travel food of all – avocados! I try to eat things with lots of Vitamin C to boost the …

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ROO #43: Lucy Bartholomew on Ultrarunning and Young Adulthood

In this episode, Lucy Bartholomew, accomplished Australian ultra-trail runner who is only eighteen, shares how she found ultrarunning at the age of fifteen and recounts her first 100 km race with her dad. She discusses her recent success at the 100km Tarawera Ultramarathon and the most mentally challenging race she has ever had. Lucy reveals how she balances being in high school with running and the importance of rest and recovery in her training. Lastly, Lucy gives the inside scoop on whats ahead for the upcoming year: taking a year off from school to pursue professional running and a few of the races on her schedule.

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