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ROO #119: Ford Palmer on Breaking 4-Minutes in the Mile on a Vegan Diet

“Wow, this guy just went from 4:25 to 4:08 in one year and its because of his diet. And they all changed their diets. And I’ll tell you what, most of them did a lot better.” – Ford Palmer *This podcast is part of the #ROORises Series: please share the podcast by tweeting @gofordpalmer & @runningonom and let us know what you think about the episode!* In this episode, Ford Palmer, professional runner, vegan, and sub 4-minute miler, shares the story of how a series of concussions from high school football lead him to devote himself to track and gain a track scholarship at Monmouth University. He reflects on his junior year of college when he transitioned to a vegan diet and the positive impact it had on his performance and training. Ford reflects on the challenges of balancing a full-time job as a bartender with his training last year and the difference in his training now as a professional runner for New Jersey New York Track Club (NJNY). He recounts his first time breaking 4-minutes in the mile after numerous attempts and how he navigates pre-race pressure. Ford discusses how his vegan diet has impacted his NJNY teammates and what he eats on a daily basis. Lastly, Ford previews races on his calendar for 2015.

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