Journal Running

The Birthday Report: Asking the Tough Questions

Some people use the New Year as a time to set resolutions. Although I usually set intentions on the first of each year, my birthday is a more meaningful time of reflection. It is my personal marking of another year on this wondrous planet. Exactly one month ago, I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday at Northeast Kingdom Running Camp (NKRC), where for two weeks I was immersed as a yoga teacher and coach to high school runners. It was my third consecutive birthday in Lyndonville, Vermont, among a group of people that have become my run family. The NKRC community originally …

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Journal Spirituality

2015 – The Year of Compassion

I can still recall the New Year’s Eve yoga class five years ago where, instead of setting a resolution, our teacher, Gregor Singleton, encouraged us to pick a one-word intention for the upcoming year. Although at that point I had been practicing yoga for a little while, the idea of setting an intention hadn’t really sunk in yet. It’s funny how a teacher or parent can tell you the same thing a hundred times over and then suddenly, on the hundred and first time, it clicks. This is how Gregor’s words on intentions hit me, ripe to be heard, on …

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