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ROO #144: Amby Burfoot on How to Live Every Mile as a Gift

In this episode, Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon Winner and Runner’s World Magazine editor-at-large, tells the story of how every mile is a gift. Amby reflects on the importance of running mentorship from his time serving in the Peace Core as a distance running coach in El Salvador to the impact that John J. Kelley, accomplished marathoner and his high school coach, had on his life. He discusses his relationship to running in college marked by passion, obsession, and hard work.

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The Birthday Report: Asking the Tough Questions

Some people use the New Year as a time to set resolutions. Although I usually set intentions on the first of each year, my birthday is a more meaningful time of reflection. It is my personal marking of another year on this wondrous planet. Exactly one month ago, I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday at Northeast Kingdom Running Camp (NKRC), where for two weeks I was immersed as a yoga teacher and coach to high school runners. It was my third consecutive birthday in Lyndonville, Vermont, among a group of people that have become my run family. The NKRC community originally …

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