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ROO #152 Nicole Antoinette on How to Cultivate Real Talk

In this episode, Nicole Antoinette, writer, podcast host, and self-proclaimed recovering self-help addict, discusses how to cultivate real talk in your life. Nicole explains her creative sabbatical from her business as a weekly blogger and accountability coach. She tells the story of her relationship with alcohol and running, from how she stopped drinking to the role running has played in her sobriety.

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Ask Lauren Fleshman Podcasts

ROO #149: Lauren Fleshman on The Superpower of Authenticity

In this episode, Lauren Fleshman, professional runner for Oiselle, writer, cofounder of Picky Bars, mother, and coach of Little Wing, discusses how to harness the superpower of authenticity. Lauren reflects on her relationship with writing, from the creative process to overcoming the fear of sharing poignant work. She explores how she navigates the principles of sport psychology with the reality of being a multi-dimensional human being.

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Creativity Podcasts Podcasts

ROO #148: Liz Anjos on the Performative Experience of Running and Music

In this episode, Liz Anjos, musician known as Pink Feathers, keys and vocalist for RAC, and runner for the Oiselle Team, explores the performative experience of running and music. Liz shares the meaning behind Pink Feathers, her solo music act, and reflects on her classical piano background. Liz discusses how she balances marathon training when she is on tour with RAC, including a recount of her most recent training for the Berlin Marathon.

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