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ROO #52: Cara Gilman on the Intersection Between Yoga and Running

In this episode, Cara Gilman, yoga teacher, cycle instructor, and long-distance runner, discusses her relationship with yoga, running, and the integration of these movement forms in her life. Cara shares the stories behind how yoga and running came into her life and why she became a yoga teacher. She reveals how she overcame the fears associated with making her livelihood as a yoga teacher and how her students inspire her. Cara describes her three main self-care practices, including meditation, and how she fits these into her daily schedule. Cara offers advice for those interested in trying running or yoga and the benefits for those on either side of the spectrum. She provides details on her training for the 2014 Fall Chicago Marathon and her plans to become a running coach. Lastly, Cara explains why Gabrielle Bernstein inspires her and how her husband balances her.

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