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ROO #167: Emory Hall on the Spiritual Path of Traveling Around the World

In this episode, Emory Hall, photographer, filmmaker, and world traveler, explores the spiritual path of traveling around the world. She discusses her experience touring with her husband and musician Trevor Hall as his creative director. Emory reflects on the first time she traveled to Nepal, visiting the desert Gangetic plains to isolated villages in the high Himalayas.

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ROO #40: Rickey Gates on Running, Photography, and Traveling

In this episode Rickey Gates, professional trail-mountain runner, photographer, and world traveler, shares his running journey from not making the University of Colorado’s Cross Country team three years in a row to winning his first race and eventually becoming an accomplished trail and mountain runner. He discuses his philosophy of intuitive running, focused on self-awareness and training without a watch. Rickey shares his experiences running on all seven continents and what races have been most memorable to a recount of the most challenging race. Rickey explores the intersection between running and photography and the logistics of carrying photography gear with him. Lastly, Rickey reveals upcoming races on his bucket list and 2014 calendar.

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