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ROO #138: Karen Smyers on How Passion Beat Cancer and Ironman

“I believe that you can fit everything in your life the way you want and still get better. It’s just how you structure your training to get better.” * In this episode, Karen Smyers, world class triathlete, coach, mother, race director, and cancer survivor, tells the story of how passion allowed her to persevere through cancer, injury, and setbacks to have one of the most historic triathlon careers. Karen is the only woman ever to win the 1995 Hawaiian Ironman World Championship and the short course World Championship in the same year. Karen discusses her athletic background as a competitive swimmer and her introduction to running at Princeton University. She explains how she unexpectedly made the transition to professional triathlon. Karen provides insight on how the power of passionate positivity allowed her to overcome numerous setbacks, including a freak accident that sliced her hamstring, being struck by an 18-wheel truck on her bike, another bike accident during an important race, and her battle with thyroid cancer. She reveals her relationship with triathlon now, from the challenges she faces during a race to her experience as a triathlon coach. Karen reflects on the growth of triathlon in the USA and shares her upcoming athletic goals.

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ROO #56: Joanna Zeiger on the Journey from Professional Triathlon to Competitive Running

In this episode, Joanna Zeiger, accomplished runner, former professional triathlete, coach, and researcher of behavioral genetics, discusses her background in swimming from her beginning at the age of 7 to swimming competitively through college. She explains how an injury lead her to discover running. Joanna recounts the two most memorable races from her triathlon career. She describes the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes. Joanna reveals her current focus on running as a competitive masters athlete and upcoming races and goals, including qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. She reflects on why coaches need a coach. Joanna explains how she balances her work as a Research Associate at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics and training on a day to day basis. She honors the importance of her family’s support in her athletic endeavors. Lastly, Joanna provides three tips for endurance athletes those recovering from an injury and her nutrition philosophy for athletes of all levels.

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