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Chocolate Raw Love Milk

Some people drink coffee in the mornings to wake them up, I opt-for a natural buzz that comes from raw cocoa. This milk was inspired by Raw Love, a raw vegan restaurant in Tulum that I ate many meals at during my recent tropical getaway. Fresh coconuts were plentiful in Meixco and I would often find unopened coconuts scattered on the roads where I ran. I was tempted to pack some of them for my journey home. This milk brings me right back to the vibrant cuisine of Raw Love, owned by the calmest power couple I’ve ever met, Adan …

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ROO #90: Mother Juice on Bringing Fresh Food to Boston

In the episode, Ellen Fitzgerald, cofounder of Mother Juice, and Will Jackson, manager of Mother Juice, discuss why they started Mother Juice from its beginnings as a juice and smoothie food truck in Boston to the logistics of turning it into an actual storefront. They both reveal how they got into juicing: Ellen’s grandmother’s influence on her and Will trying to pursue his now girlfriend. Ellen and Will explain Mother Juice’s recipe and menu development and the challenges of starting a business. They reflect on who has inspired Mother Juice’s food philosophy. Ellen shares her perspective on why Boston has a surprisingly few amount of vegetarian/vegan eating spots. They discuss how Mother Juice is cultivating a community that is changing lives. Ellen provides insight on why people are afraid of food labeled as vegetarian and vegan and how Mother Juice is trying to overcome this. Lastly, they preview Mother Juice’s plans for 2015.

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ROO #76: Jackson Foster on Living Plantriotic

In this episode, Jackson Foster, plant-based advocate, yoga teacher, creator of Plantriotic, environmental activist, artist, and student at Colorado College, explains how became vegetarian at the age of 14. He describes his time biking across the country where he witnessed first-hand the health and diet epidemic across the country. Jackson discusses his travels to Borneo, Indonesia where he volunteered at an orangutan orphanage and saw how a plant-based diet created a healthy and strong population. He details his transition to veganism and cooking balanced plant-based meals. Jackson shares what it is like to be a Vegan college student and his founding of CC Plant Strong, a plant-based club at Colorado College. He reveals how the mental focus of yoga and meditation balances his activist work. Jackson describes the transformation he has undergone in building muscle on vegan foods. He explains why he is experimenting with a fruitarian diet now and what he eats on a day-to-day basis. Jackson pays homage to his numerous mentors and inspirations. Lastly, he reveals upcoming projects for CC Plant Strong, and his Plantriotic Blog and YouTube Channel.

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