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ROO #124: Dan Fitzgerald on Building a Running Community

“My goal is always to open people’s eyes to their capability as a runner, because when people have never done speed, and then they jump in, they get really excited because they get much faster, much quicker if their willing to commit, even for four weeks.” – Dan Fitzgerald * In this episode, Dan Fitzgerald, co-founder of Heartbreak Hill Running Company and South End Athletic Company, coach, runner, and surfer, tells the story of his running background, from setting the former 800 meter record at his high school to his most memorable race at Boston College. He explains how his work with Quicksilver and his love of surfing informed the culture of South End Athletic Company (SEAC) and Heartbreak Hill Running Company (HHRC). Dan discusses the power of community at SEAC and HHRC. He reflects on his coaching philosophy, including the mentors that inspired him and important aspects of building speed. Dan recounts the story of how he met Rebecca Pacheco, his fiancée, Boston-based yoga teacher, author, and ROO interviewee #3. He explores how he incorporates yoga into his own training and coaching. Lastly, Dan provides insight on the future of distance running and the taper experience.

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Wall of Inspiration

When packing for my journey to Ethiopia, I spent a lot of time thinking about how much different items weighed and the space they would take in my suitcase. I decided to pack some of the lightest, yet most important items I own— my paper inspirations that I have put up in my dorm rooms throughout all four years of college. I have found the easiest way to put up pictures, postcards, and art is in a close-line style with miniature clips. I made a Wall of Inspiration for my room in the Yaya Village that both motivates and grounds me. …

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