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ROO #130: Krista Lester on How Bunnies and Buddhism Saved Her Life

“I can tell you, unequivocally, if I did not have my yoga and my meditation practice, I would not have made it.” * In this episode, Krista Lester, creator of Bunny Buddhism, writer, music teacher, suicide survivor, yogi, and meditator, tells the story of how bunnies came into her life from her childhood fascination with them to owning her first bunny as an adult. Krista reflects discovering the healing powers of meditation during a long battle with depression and anxiety. She explains how the tenderness of bunnies and the wisdom from Buddhist philosophies intersected in her seated meditation practice to create the concept of Bunny Buddhism. Krista recounts the experience of tweeting one quote a day and its evolution into her book, “Bunny Buddhism.” She explores how yoga and meditation continue to provide solace in the grieving process from her husband’s suicide.

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ROO #52: Cara Gilman on the Intersection Between Yoga and Running

In this episode, Cara Gilman, yoga teacher, cycle instructor, and long-distance runner, discusses her relationship with yoga, running, and the integration of these movement forms in her life. Cara shares the stories behind how yoga and running came into her life and why she became a yoga teacher. She reveals how she overcame the fears associated with making her livelihood as a yoga teacher and how her students inspire her. Cara describes her three main self-care practices, including meditation, and how she fits these into her daily schedule. Cara offers advice for those interested in trying running or yoga and the benefits for those on either side of the spectrum. She provides details on her training for the 2014 Fall Chicago Marathon and her plans to become a running coach. Lastly, Cara explains why Gabrielle Bernstein inspires her and how her husband balances her.

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ROO #34: Dr. Nick Campos on Mind-Body-Spirit Health

In this episode we discuss Dr. Nick Campos, chiropractic physician, spiritual teacher, and author’s early interest in the mind-body-spirit connection from the teachers that inspired him to his first chiropractic adjustment at the age of seven. Dr. Campos explains the role of dharma in his life and work in starting the West Hollywood Healing Arts Center. He shares a window into how he maintains wellness– from his daily mediation practice to the benefits of juicing. Lastly, Dr. Campos discusses his upcoming book.

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