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ROO #99: Ame Wren on the Art of Yoga Teaching

Ame Wren is a Boston-based yoga teacher and director of Boston Yoga School In the episode, Ame tells the story of why she started practicing yoga. She reflects on the importance of saying yes in her path to becoming a yoga teacher. Ame discusses the power of the Boston yoga community. She reveals some of her self-care practice and how she fits in time to study with her favorite teachers. She explores how Iyengar yoga influences her teaching of Vinyasa yoga. Ame offers her perspective on the difference between yoga teaching versus yoga instructing and provides advice for those interested …

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ROO #80: Valerie D’Ambrosio on the Path of Self Love

In this episode, Valerie D’Ambrosio, life coach, yoga teacher, co-founder of the Hanuman Festival, and creator of Organic Twist, explains why she came to yoga. Valerie reflects on her journey healing from an eating disorder. She discusses the difference between self love and self care. Valerie recounts how she knew she wanted to be a life coach and reveals the meaning of meaning of Organic Twist. She recounts a story of transformation of one client she has coached. Valerie shares who she considers her teacher, including Louise Hay. She describes how she co-founded the Hanuman Festival and her journey stepping away from directing it. Lastly, Valerie previews upcoming projects and retreats for Organic Twist.

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ROO #55: Marissa Vicario on Transforming Your Relationship to Health

In this episode, Marissa Vicario, health and nutrition coach, blogger, and creator of MWAH, Marissa’s Well-Being and Health, recounts her journey into health and how she reinvented her palate. She provides insight on how people can change their relationship to food. Marissa explains why she became a health coach and chose The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to study at. She offers a story of transformation of one of her clients and the three pillars of her coaching philosophy. Marissa reflects on her favorite ways to stay active and how she practices self-care on a daily basis. She explains what holistically hot means, a phrase she coined. She shares wise words from her inspiring grandmother and lastly, details on Marissa’s upcoming events and projects.

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ROO #52: Cara Gilman on the Intersection Between Yoga and Running

In this episode, Cara Gilman, yoga teacher, cycle instructor, and long-distance runner, discusses her relationship with yoga, running, and the integration of these movement forms in her life. Cara shares the stories behind how yoga and running came into her life and why she became a yoga teacher. She reveals how she overcame the fears associated with making her livelihood as a yoga teacher and how her students inspire her. Cara describes her three main self-care practices, including meditation, and how she fits these into her daily schedule. Cara offers advice for those interested in trying running or yoga and the benefits for those on either side of the spectrum. She provides details on her training for the 2014 Fall Chicago Marathon and her plans to become a running coach. Lastly, Cara explains why Gabrielle Bernstein inspires her and how her husband balances her.

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