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ROO #79: Kyle Finch and KamGi Chak on Making a Life of Service with Be Love Apparel

In this episode, Kyle Finch and KamGi Chak, founders of Be Love Apparel and social activists, tell the story of how they met in Thailand and their journey creating their home in Topanga, California. They reveal what inspired them to start their apparel company Be Love. Kyle and KamGi discuss the power of the yoga community and how it has helped Be Love grow. They explain what organizations Be Love supports with their profits, including the LA-based Alexandria House. Kyle and KamGi reflect on the challenges they have encountered in owning their own company. They provide insight on how Be Love remains authentic in the fashion world. Lastly, Kyle and KamGi share unexpected moments of discovering their Be Love apparel and how they unplug from work.

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ROO #31: Faith Hunter on Yoga and Social Activism

In this episode we discuss how Faith Hunter, yoga teacher and social activist, discovered yoga as a way to cope with her brother Michael dying of AIDS. Faith explains her yoga teacher training background with the Laughing Lotus School and how she has evolved her teaching into her signature style of Embrace Your Flow. She discusses her work in Haiti and how listeners can become involved in either trainings or a retreat in Haiti. Faith shares her biggest personal inspiration and what she is looking forward to in 2014.

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