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ROO #162: Rich Roll on How to Take Ownership of Your Evolution

In this episode, Rich Roll, ultra-endurance triathlete, plant-based nutrition advocate, podcast host, writer, and public speaker explores how to take ownership of your evolution. Rich discusses the process of letting go of control in both his creative endeavors and interpersonal relationships. He reflects on his path of recovery with alcoholism.

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One Love Bowl

One of my favorite recipes from Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s “The Plantpower Way,” is their One Bowls. The One Bowl allows for creativity, balanced nourishment, and is an easy-to-assemble lunch or dinner. One Bowl consists of five general categories, a legume, a grain, a green, a whole food, and a sauce. I was inspired to develop a One Love Bowl with my loves, Hilary’s Eat Well Root Veggie Burger and a new ROO sauce I have been enjoying. Ingredients: Handful of sprouted beans (legume) 2 Hilary’s Eat Well Root Veggie Burgers (grain) Handful of kale, sautéed (green) Beet and carrots, …

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ROO #125: Julie Piatt on the Creative Process Behind the Plantpower Way

“The truth is that preparing a meal is actually the ultimate performance art. Its a creative expression. Its unique to you and to the ingredients that you have on hand. It will only be that way, that one time. So, you can never prepare the meal the same way again. Its an impossibility.” – Julie Piatt * In this episode, Julie Piatt, plant-based chef, author, healer, musician, yogi, meditator, and mother of four, returns to the ROO Podcast to discuss the upcoming release of “The Plantpower Way.” Julie shares the seeds of inspiration behind the book, from feeding Rich Roll, her husband, during his ultra-endurance endeavorers to collecting recipes throughout her lifetime. She explores how “The Plantpower Way” is more than just a book, but rather an aspirational lifestyle guide. Julie reflects on the challenges she faced in the creative process of forming the book. She explains how to empower your children to eat plant based and how it can change your life at the cellular level. Julie discusses the revolutionary approach Rich and her have taken for their pre-order campaign, grounded in gratitude and service. Lastly, Julie reveals her dreams for the growth of “The Plantpower Way.”

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