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The Birthday Report: Asking the Tough Questions

Some people use the New Year as a time to set resolutions. Although I usually set intentions on the first of each year, my birthday is a more meaningful time of reflection. It is my personal marking of another year on this wondrous planet. Exactly one month ago, I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday at Northeast Kingdom Running Camp (NKRC), where for two weeks I was immersed as a yoga teacher and coach to high school runners. It was my third consecutive birthday in Lyndonville, Vermont, among a group of people that have become my run family. The NKRC community originally …

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The Zone: Gratitude, Grit, and God

Lisa Hamilton, fellow yogi runner, writer, and ROO Podcast interviewee #66, asked me to contribute a few words on my understanding of “the zone” for her book, “The Conscious Runner.” Released less than a month ago, I have finally had the opportunity to read through her published piece and am blown away by her honesty, innovation, and thoughtfulness. “The Conscious Runner” is not only a guide that will teach you how to run mindfully, but also tells the powerful story of Lisa’s life, from overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to almost qualifying for the Olympic trials. I am honored to be …

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ROO #102: Roisin McGettigan on How to Cultivate Gratitude in Running and Life

In this episode, Roisin McGettigan, sports psychology consultant, co-founder of Believe I Am, Olympian, former professional steeplechaser, tells the story of how she began running in Ireland and and discovered the steeplechase. She discusses the role of mental focus and strength in competing. Ro explains how the techniques of sports psychology were paramount to her breakthrough 2007 World Championships race. She reflects on the recent experience of being retrospectively awarded the bronze medal for the 2009 European Indoors 1500 meters race in 2014. Ro provides insight on how to cultivate gratitude in both running and life. She recounts the story of co-founding Believe I Am and reflects on its continued growth. Lastly, Ro discusses balancing running in her life now and previews whats ahead for 2015.

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