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ROO #167: Emory Hall on the Spiritual Path of Traveling Around the World

In this episode, Emory Hall, photographer, filmmaker, and world traveler, explores the spiritual path of traveling around the world. She discusses her experience touring with her husband and musician Trevor Hall as his creative director. Emory reflects on the first time she traveled to Nepal, visiting the desert Gangetic plains to isolated villages in the high Himalayas.

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Redefining Detox: A Week-Long Exploration

Usually when someone tells me they are participating in a detox, I imagine an intense juice cleanse or extreme diet that sounds like no fun. Instead, I used my recent winter getaway in Tulum, Mexico, as a way to redefine detox. 1. Watch Free As someone who is usually tied to a busy schedule, it was liberating to be without a watch — following my internal clock for resting, eating, yoga, swimming, sleeping (and repeat). 2. Technology Free at Meals I am guilty of multitasking when eating— usually uploading a podcast while eating breakfast at the same time. Without the distraction of technology …

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