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ROO #153: Tyler Andrews The Path of Long Term Gratification in Running

In this episode, Tyler Andrews, professional runner for Hoka One One and co-director of Strive Trips, explores the path of long term gratification in running. Tyler explains how his unique mindset of improving relative to himself has allowed him to progress from an 18:28 5K runner in high school to an elite 2:16 marathon runner. Tyler offers his perspective on the relationship between creativity and running.

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20 Boston Marathon Tips from the ROO Pros

The Boston Marathon is one week away! To celebrate and help runners prepare for race day, I have gathered advice from 20 Running On Om Podcast interviewees who know Boston. The tips are organized in order of podcast publication with links to the shows if you click on their names. 1. Roy Benson, running coach, exercise scientist, camp director, and author Think positively about negative splits. May you enjoy many happy heartbeats. 2. Tawnee Prazak, endurance sports coach, personal trainer, triathlete, podcast host, and model My advice would simply be: Enjoy each moment before, during and after and never take for granted the …

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