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ROO #108: Lisa Chase on Cultivating Holistic Health Throughout Pregnancy

In this episode, Lisa Chase, yoga teacher, runner, and writer, recounts how she began running in high school and in college, discovered yoga as an outlet from the competitive world of running. Lisa explains what inspired her to enroll in a yoga teacher training and how to know if you are ready for a teacher training. She reflects on the impact of Bhakti Yoga and numerous influential yoga teachers on her path. Lisa discusses how pregnancy has impacted her running and yoga practices. She explores the meaning behind Quinoa, Kale and Exhale, her blog, and the role of Vegetarian cooking in her family’s life. Lisa provides insight for runners interested in yoga from her recently published Ebook, “Yoga for Runners.” Lastly, Lisa expresses excitement for welcoming motherhood in 2015.

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ROO #45: Matt Frazier on Being a No Meat Athlete

In this episode Matt Frazier, creator of No Meat Athlete, runner, author, and coach, shares his background in running from his first marathon to qualifying for the Boston Marathon seven years later with a time that was over 100 minutes faster than his first. Matt discuses how he initially became vegetarian, the impact of a plant-based diet on his running, and his later transition to veganism. He reveals the breakthrough experience in the success of his No Meat Athlete blog. Matt discusses his inspirations from his must-reads to vegan athletes that he looks up to. Lastly, Matt gives the inside scoop on whats next in his training and for the No Meat Athlete community in the upcoming year.

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