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ROO #137: Kevin Courtney The Medicine of Yoga, Music, and the Present Moment

“It’s medicinal to be so present. It’s medicine and wherever that student is, in that moment, they’re either able to swallow it and be like, ‘oh thank you,’ or it’s going to be so bitter, scary, and frightening that they need to go off and do some more work before they are really able to inhabit the present moment.” * In this episode, Kevin Courtney, yoga teacher and musician, tells the story of his musical background from playing guitar in his youth to exploring the healing power of shamanic ceremony music. Kevin recounts the first yoga class he ever attended and what drew him back to his mat. He discusses how his evolution as a yoga teacher has been centered on maintaining a spirit of openness, gratitude, and co-creation in a highly commercialized yoga world. Kevin reflects on his experiences teaching at Bonnaroo Music Festival and Wanderlust Yoga Festival. He shares the creative process behind his yoga music album “Nada Sadhana.” Lastly, Kevin provides insight on practicing presence in music, yoga, and everyday life.

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ROO #57: Joel Davis on the Yoga Music and Radio Industry

Joel Davis is the Minister of Music of Black Swan Sounds Record Label and DJ of Terrasonic.

In this episode, Joel discusses his musical journey of working at numerous different yoga music companies, including his current work as the Minister of Music at Black Swan Sounds Record Label and his famous show Terrasonic, a global freeform mix show created in 2002 that is still airing weekly. Joel first provides his background in music. He explains how KGNU Community Radio in Boulder changed his life. He explains his journey working for numerous different yoga record labels, including Sounds True, White Swan Records, and Black Swan Sounds. Joel provides insight on the the intersection between music and spirituality. He discusses his collaborations with numerous yoga music artists, including DJ Drez, Srikalogy, and MC Yogi. Joel details three things he has learned from having his own radio show. He reveals his perspective on how music can heal the world and what he thinks is the future of yoga in the next 25 years.

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