26: Izzy Darby on All Things Vegan

Izzy Darby is a food blogger, vegan, and Russian aficionado. Izzy has been vegan since 2010 and was inspired to start her blog Veganizzm when she moved into her first apartment with a real kitchen during her first year at University of Wisconsin. Izzy currently works at Yelp in Madison and as a Russian translator.

In this episode we discuss why Izzy became vegan after reading Jonathan Safran-Foer’s book, Eating Animals. Izzy shares her experiences studying abroad in Russia and her special series of Russian recipes called “My Babushka’s Recipes.” She gives the listeners a feel for the Madison restaurant scene and her plans on collaborating with restaurant owners in 2014. Lastly, Izzy shares her inspirations, from her favorite blogs to Ellen Degeneres.

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