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I am headed to Ethiopia today and overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of family, friends, and strangers as I have prepared for my trip.

My fundraising campaign for the Yaya Girls Running Program in Sululta, Ethiopia was a huge success! I surpassed my goal and raised over $8,000, which will not only fund four young Ethiopian women for the upcoming trimester, but also contribute to future Yaya Girls scholarships.

Numerous companies have donated incredible gear and goodies for the Yaya Girls. Oiselle, which I run for, has contributed beautiful shirts with inspiring running designs on the front! Health Warrior has given delicious Chia Bars of all flavors, in addition to awesome shirts and hats. Nuttzo, which I am an athlete ambassador for, has supported my campaign throughout— I am even bringing a few jars of Nuttzo for the Yaya Girls to try!

If you would like to follow my work in Ethiopia with the Yaya Girls, the best two ways to do this are:

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I will not have daily internet access, but plan to post pictures, reflections, and interviews on ROO whenever I can.

As for the podcast, I hope to continue the ROO podcast in Ethiopia, however it will not be released on a weekly basis. Please take my four month journey as an opportunity to catch up on the 85 podcast episodes I have published thus far. You can download the most recent 50 episodes on iTunes or live stream all 85 on

In gratitude and love,