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2015 – The Year of Compassion

I can still recall the New Year’s Eve yoga class five years ago where, instead of setting a resolution, our teacher, Gregor Singleton, encouraged us to pick a one-word intention for the upcoming year.

Although at that point I had been practicing yoga for a little while, the idea of setting an intention hadn’t really sunk in yet. It’s funny how a teacher or parent can tell you the same thing a hundred times over and then suddenly, on the hundred and first time, it clicks. This is how Gregor’s words on intentions hit me, ripe to be heard, on the first night of 2010.

Since that New Year’s Eve yoga class long ago, living with intention has become a central part of living a meaningful life— on most mornings, I wake up and set a simple daily intention. Most importantly, however, I also think back to the one-word intention that I chose to create aim and purpose to my year.

In the past, I have been private with my intentions, treating them like a birthday wish that won’t come true if I tell other people. But this year, my intention is not a wish, it is a living force that I want to share and embody in my relationship with myself and others:


I look forward to the journey of cultivating compassion in 2015!

What is your one-word intention for the New Year?

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