Redefining Detox: A Week-Long Exploration

Usually when someone tells me they are participating in a detox, I imagine an intense juice cleanse or extreme diet that sounds like no fun. Instead, I used my recent winter getaway in Tulum, Mexico, as a way to redefine detox.

1. Watch Free

As someone who is usually tied to a busy schedule, it was liberating to be without a watch — following my internal clock for resting, eating, yoga, swimming, sleeping (and repeat).

2. Technology Free at Meals

I am guilty of multitasking when eating— usually uploading a podcast while eating breakfast at the same time. Without the distraction of technology during meals, I became increasingly mindful of the whole experience— relishing the tropical flavors, textures and smells.

3. Cosmetics Free 

Giving my skin and hair a break from makeup and curl creme, allowed my skin to clear up and feel more naturally ME.

In being real with the demands of my life at home, I won’t continue redefining detox as fully as I did in Tulum, but instead will hopefully bring a fresh and deliberate awareness to the role of technology, schedules and cosmetics in my daily life.

I challenge YOU to redefine detox in a meaningful way and put it into action in your life for a week— you don’t need to go on a tropical getaway to begin— everyday is an opportunity to start anew!