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ROO #156: Karen Fabian on The Reality of Being a Yoga Teacher

“Quite frankly, as hard as it was to be making ends meet, I loved what I was doing and I really saw going back to work as a failure and I didn’t want to be a failure as a yoga teacher.”

In this episode, Karen Fabian, yoga teacher, writer, and creator of Bare Bones Yoga, explores the reality of being a yoga teacher. Karen describes her style of teaching and how she knew she wanted to teach yoga. She discusses the impact of social media on the evolution of yoga in the United States. Karen shares the story of following her dream of starting her own company, Bare Bones Yoga, and the financial challenges she faced along the way. Karen offers insight for those interested in participating in a yoga teacher training. She explains how she practices the principles of yoga in her work as a barista at Starbucks. Lastly, Karen reveals upcoming Bare Bones Yoga projects and events.

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