231: Alex Pavon on Risk and Reward in Professional Mountain Biking

Photo by Catherine Ryan Photography

“You see people at their worst and you see people getting better and you see people dying . It’s just a, it’s a nice reminder to not take anything for granted and to not take your physical health for granted and to not take your mental health for granted”
Alex Pavon

Alex Pavon is a downhill skier turned professional mountain biker. She retired from competitive skiing in 2013 and found her way to enduro racing. She lives in Flagstaff Arizona and works as an emergency room EMT. This conversation covers a range of topics, including the following:
  • Alex’s skiing background and the factors that led her to retiring from competitive racing
  • How she got started in mountain biking
  • Her favourite places to travel and race
  • Her experience as a woman in mountain biking
  • Navigating risk and reward
  • Working as an EMT and her future aspirations
  • The fragility of life and her perspective working in the EMT

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