232: Soul Sister Sessions on Eating Disorder Recovery through Injury and Competition with Abbey Cooper and Julia Hanlon

Photo by Rabbitwolf Creative

“Just because there are so many strong emotional, positive emotional ties to sport, we are just so much more vulnerable in that, in that set of circumstances so I just like to remind myself like sit down with myself and remember, and repeat this in my head and write it down, that when I’m injured, what is the best environment for healing”
Abbey Cooper

This month’s Soul Sister Sessions episode returns to focus on eating disorders, inspired by Eating Disorders Awareness Week on February 24th – March 1st. ROO 223 was a powerful conversation when Abbey and Julia first shared their respective stories of eating disorders, and this episode is a follow up to that. Abbey and Julia answer five listener questions, all specifically focused around eating disorders. This is all shared from their own experiences, and we encourage anyone that is experiencing an eating disorder/disordered eating or any physical or mental health issue, to consult a qualified professional in any instance you feel you require additional support.

This conversation goes deep, and covers the following themes:

  • Checking in with both Abbey and Julia
  • Supporting someone with an eating disorder
  • Accountability in training and how that fits in with managing nutrition, specifically for those prone to disordered eating/eating disorder tendencies
  • Managing a relationship with food when injured
  • Guilt and stigmas around food and body image, and how to navigate external pressures and expectations
  • Comparing body types and self confidence in one’s own body
  • What recovering from an eating disorder looks like and how that evolves over time
  • A lighter conversation to finish and close out

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    health or qualified professional in any situation.

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