233: Eliza Earle on Navigating Grief and Photographing Adventure Around the World

Photo by Ian MacLellan

“The thing about grief is it, it changes so many parts of your life. I think a lot of people think that grief is just the act of missing somebody. But it’s not. Grief is like your entire life changes and it’s not just dealing with the act of missing somebody it’s dealing with suddenly a lack of a future that you had dreamed for yourself with this person, it all of a sudden starts changing your relationships with friendships, it changes your relationship with your work, it changes your relationship with like so many aspects of your life”
Eliza Earle

Eliza Earle is an adventure sports photographer, filmmaker, and endurance athlete. She has filmed all over the world, including iconic locations like Yosemite, Chamonix and New Zealand. She is a climber, runner and an all-round outdoor enthusiast. This is a really powerful conversation. Eliza speaks openly and honestly about grief, as well as the following topics:

  • Her early years and wanting to be an actor
  • Studying Theatre at Tufts College and playing Ultimate Frisbee
  • Moving to LA to pursue acting and running in the Hollywood Hills
  • Her introduction to climbing and having a professional climber for a brother
  • Not having a passion for acting, and discovering the joy of using a camera
  • How telling stories and helping a friend morphed into a passion and career
  • How she transitioned into filming adventure sports and her desire to tell more athlete stories
  • Her time in Yosemite, and the tragic passing of her boyfriend Ethan
  • Reconciling grief, and moving forward with life
  • Reconnecting with Yosemite and climbing post trauma
  • Her ‘Photo a Day Challenge’ and how that has transformed over the years
  • Van life, and the untold stories of that reality
  • Trail running in Chamonix, and the importance of running in her life
  • Filming an adventure show in Fiji
  • The yearning to travel versus the desire for a home base

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