236: Soul Sister Sessions on Exploring our Faith with Abbey Cooper and Julia Hanlon

Photo by Rabbitwolf Creative

“Running is an expression of gratitude, for what, my ability to run and it’s a way to reach others and etc, so yeah, when I do run I feel so grateful and humbled by the fact that god is so patient with me, no matter how many times I try to claim it as my own, he is always, just waiting for me to receive, the gift of surrendering it to him, and allowing him to lead me”
Abbey Cooper

This month’s Soul Sister Sessions goes deep on the themes of faith and religion in running. Abbey and Julia share their experiences of faith and religion, framed through the lens of their childhood, everyday life and their relationship with running. We appreciate that faith and religion can be a sensitive and confronting topic for many, for a range of reasons. This conversation focuses on Abbey and Julia’s own experiences, in an honest, safe and respectful conversation. We empathise that this conversation may not be for everyone, and understand that our audience will share a range of differing and equally valuable world views.

This conversation covers the following themes which answer some listener questions:

  • Checking in with Abbey and Julia, and acknowledging the change of circumstances with COVID-19 since their last episode together
  • Abbey and Julia’s childhood exposure to faith and religion
  • How their respective journeys changed and evolved with exposure to different world views and experiences
  • The concept of prayer while running and how it can take a range of forms 
  • Meditation and how it can be integrated into one’s faith
  • Closing thoughts and look ahead for the coming month

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