242: Roundtable with Emily Saul & Laura Green

“What I love most is that I didn’t realise that I needed what it offered and that I had been missing that so much. And it was a particular Wednesday, probably 3 or 4 months after starting to go, so it was coming on Spring, it might have been April, and I remember I was right around section 19, and I looked up as I was going down the crimson stairs and I looked around at the people around me, and just went like OH, I found my people again”
Emily Saul

“So we’ve gotten better over time, but we’re constantly reassessing and trying to figure out our management skills and figure out how to make it more inclusive, I think that is always going to be the biggest biggest biggest biggest hurdle for us. We are a very white community, and we’re trying to make it more diverse, and we say that like for a while, we were saying well everyone is invited and open to all, but that’s not true and so, kinda going back on mistakes we made in the earlier years and trying to rectify them and also just trying to make it a more incisive space for as many people as possible”
Laura Green

Emily Saul is a sports psychology coach, with a Masters degree in Sports Psychology, and founder of E Saul Movement. She is the Leader of the November Project in Boston. Laura Green is the Community Boss of the November Project, working with the co-founders to connect the 120+ November Project leaders globally, and plays a large role in the growth and development of the November Project as an inclusive free fitness movement. She is a physical therapist, and led the San Francisco November Project for 5 years. She is the host of the Wisconsin Notes Podcast. Emily and Lauren are friends, and are female powerhouses that help drive the November Project.

This episode was recorded during a Zoom live online event on May 21st, 2020 as part of the ROO Roundtable series during the COVID 19 lockdown. This episode discusses the following topics and answers some live listener questions from the evening.
  • How Laura and Emily both started with the November Project, and their transition and evolution as key leaders in the November Project
  • The power of community and how that concept has expanded during the COVID19 lockdown
  • Dealing with negative feedback and the challenge of trying to encompass the needs of large communities
  • Problem solving and evolving November Project to be more inclusive 
  • Missing friends and accountability during COVID
  • How life has changed living in Quarantine
  • A range of listener questions

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